Monday, 6 October 2014

Autumn Is Here

It has been a very busy few weeks for Theia. Her big sister Poppy has gone off to university. Theia is quite nifty at Skyping so Poppy gets to see her. Home school is still very relaxed and follows her natural pace and interests. Theia is still interested in the early Montessori materials an we have rotated the shelves many times to accommodate her. Her brothers as with any other young boys tend to try and escape onto the computer. We have a basic expectation that they actually attempt some maths and english during the morning and use the afternoon for creative work. We have been focusing on geometry for some time and they like that. Theia joins them at the table sometimes and the boys will take it in turns to work and play with her. It is difficult juggling the business, home chores and home schooling but we know what the alternatives are and we do not want to go there. I was shown some homework a child had been given this week at a local school. The child could not read or write but had been asked to follow the two page instructions, which the parents had difficulty in understanding. It just goes to show how out of touch with pedagogy the teachers really are. We live in hope that local schools will embrace our training and make some changes. Our courses are running throughout the year and we are still getting invited to universities to lecture. Theia is thriving and is still a constant source of joy to observe.

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