Friday, 22 August 2014

Strawberries and Towers

Just watching Theia at work-play. She has spent the last hour building towers out of the knobless cylinders, the pink tower and the geometric solids. The combinations have been endless. In between this she has been going to the table and eating the odd strawberry. There are lovely noises coming from her, which sound like attempts at words. Of course there is the sound of her munching on the strawberries and little mmm's as she finishes them off. She has a paper towel, which she uses to dab her hands and mouth. As I type she has brought me her plate to show me. She has now taken the plate to the kitchen. Now she is using a cloth to wipe the furniture. I saw a photo on Facebook today of someone's child at playgroup. The child is standing in amongst a mass of plastic toys and vehicles. The adult is in a corner in the background drinking out of a cup. I am not making any assumptions, I am just stating what I see. This is observation, state only what you see.

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